Suzhou city Vetrotex industrial filter material Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful ancient city of Suzhou. The factory was established in 1996, from a single screen production development of integrated enterprise in wire drawing, weaving, silk processing, sales and service as one of the. Companies to introduce domestic and international first-class production and testing equipment, product quality is rapidly improving. Is the same industry and domestic and foreign customers called the stainless steel wire mesh industry, star super". Company has more than 80 machines and equipment, which is to ensure the quality of raw materials to reduce the cost, but also with a full range of material resources. Vitteks brand is divided into wire mesh, wire mesh filter equipment, orifice plate mesh, filter mesh, fence, wire mesh machinery six series of thousands of varieties. We have a professional R & D team, special specifications can be customized. Products 80% exported to the United States, Japan, the EU and other countries. Widely used in petroleum, chemical, chemical, chemical fiber, aviation, nuclear industry, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, electric power, water treatment, food and beverage, mineral and other industries. Meet the needs of customers sieve, filter, care, solid, control. Suzhou city Vetrotex industrial filter Co. Ltd. will always follow the "scientific and rigorous pursuit of excellence" concept of quality and mutual benefit good faith service "business philosophy, work with you to create brilliant.

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